The simple motorway error that could see you banned from driving

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British motorists need to be aware of a new driving regulation on the motorway which could result in a driving ban and attract a heft court fine. Motorists will need to seek expert advice from certified motoring solicitors from time to time to better understand the ever-changing traffic rules. Drivers caught ignoring lane closures on smart motorways risk both hefty court fines and driving bans. Lane closures usually help to manage the flow of traffic after an accident. Ignoring the lane closures put both the offender and other road users at grave danger. A van driver was heavily fined last month for committing the same offence. The motorists ignored a roadblock that had been affected on the M42 motorway after a tragic crash. The driver drove between junctions 1 and 2 on the M42 southbound.

He was slammed with six months driving ban for violating the same law. Apart from the ban, he was penalised £880 and ordered to settle £44 victim surcharge and £620 for costs. Three penalty points were also added to his current driving licence. According to Richard Lenard, the road safety executive at Highways England pointed out that the case will serve as a warning to other motorists who overlook road closures and subject the safety of other road users in jeopardy. The UK traffic law requires all motorists to follow the directions provided by uniformed and certified traffic officers. Traffic cops have the power to direct drivers, close lanes, and control the traffic. Failure to comply with the directions issued by a certified and uniformed traffic office attracts a maximum fine of £900 and increases the risk of receiving a ban. Any driver who follows the wrong lane also risks a fine of £100. Certified and experienced motoring solicitors can provide you with more information about how you can avoid the simple motorway mistake. CCTV cameras more often capture motorists who ignore the motorway closures and are later apprehend by the traffic officers.

Apart from the common vehicle breakdowns and accidents, traffic cops open or close lanes to ease congestion and enhance the flow of traffic. The traffic officers first assess the severity of the offence before sending out a fine to the perpetrator. Steve Gooding, the head of RAC Foundation, a reputed motoring research charity observes that well accepted and understood traffic rules are better than those that are just anchored on heavy penalties. The drivers need to be aware that the cost of ignoring the red X is extremely higher than the fixed penalty, especially in areas where the traffic flow has been blocked by a breakdown or a collision. Highways England has already issued over 80,000 warning letters to drivers who violated the smart motorway regulations, out of which 33% regard to using closed lanes.

A spokesman from Highways England has also pointed out that they have continued to prioritise safety in everything they do on the roads and that better explains why the British roads rank among the safest roads in the world. The issuance of warning letters in the past helped to lower the number of drivers ignoring the motorway lane closures. Motoring solicitors in the UK will also reap from the new rules because majority of British drivers still do not understand the new rules and regulations on motorway closures. Avoid any lane with a red X to avoid the hefty penalties and driving ban.



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