The Rise Of Dental Tourism For UK Patients

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Dental tourism is a branch of medical tourism, in this particular case members obtain dental care in a different healthcare apart from the one in their own locality. Sometimes it can be referred to as dental holidays as the individuals seek vacations during the process of migration.

Most of the medical facilities are getting computerized and most people will prefer attending a dental clinic that is equipped with up to date technological equipment triggering dental tourism. Sometimes this can be considered as dental negligence as the dentists in the toured place may fail to have the experience as compared to the local dentists leading to poor services.

Why dental tourism?

The basic importance of dental tourism is seeking of readily available access to dental care but most people prefer touring in order to search for cheap priced dental care. This medical tourism is usually done in neighbouring countries such as USA and Mexico, Austria and Hungary, Ecuador and Peru among other border sharing countries. Also, the economic status of the bordering countries is not same making individual prefer developing countries than their developed countries.

This dental tourism does not revolve around patients seeking dental care but in some cases, it can involve cases of dentists moving around in exchange of services hence leading to labour mobility of dentists. Also, there are cases of Dental education in which dental students can complete their studies in accredited foreign dentistry universities. The exchange of Education across this European nations has been made a success by The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) which harmonize European standards, their quality assurance taskforce and benchmarking personnel do the accreditation to the EU dentistry schools.

In most developed countries the costs of labour are extremely high and dental-tourism emerges to search for low labour costs in the underdeveloped and developing countries bearing in mind that also taxation and other government involvement in business activities in less developed countries is minimal hence there is a lower cost of production. This is the basis of Dental tourism – dental negligence as the resources provided the government which is too expensive for the private sector to reach is not accessible hence services such as dental implants is not available leading to seeking of such services in overseas.

The other problem which has been debated for this dental-tourism is concerning the negligence of dental work and concentrating on vacations acts. These incidences are very hard to monitor as there is lots of decentralization of dentists which can be expensive to supervise if a joint body was formed to conduct the same.

The dental-tourism as much as it engages in sharing of labour across many countries it can also be considered as a form of care that massively increases the chances of dental negligence. In fact, in some ways it’s a case of dental malpractice itself, as most individuals engage in activities which can be considered as wasting time and resources that should belong to people in the locality. Also, many would rather those finances would have been invested elsewhere if the healthcare was just sought in the local private health centres.

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