Laws In The UK Around Driving Licence Points

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Driving licence points is the accumulation of offences committed on the road. So that every time you commit a road offence it is endorse in your driving license as points. They are in the scale of 1-11. If you continue committing road offences your license will be disqualified in a period of time, it can be months or years. Your points can be added or subtracted depending on offences committed and conditions met.

If you commit an offence, points are added and if you meet a condition like having serve the time frame for a certain offence your points are subtracted. Motoring offence lawyer helps you understand the nature of crime you have committed and represent you in a court of law. Your likelihood of accumulating more points or getting away with a crime largely depends on the expertise of motoring offence lawyer you hired.

You have to remember that once your license has been endorsed, it will take 4-11 to be cleared. Endorsement and driving license points are accumulated in your drivers’ record and you can always check your penalties online to find out your driving license points and when they will be removed. Remember you can be disqualified after 3 years if you have accumulated over 12 points. However, there are new rules for new drivers.

Special codes are assigned to driving license points. These codes are in the range of 1-11. Remember some offences leads to automatic disqualification. Depending on the offence you committed offence code will stay in your records for 4-11 years. The following are some of the offences that increase your driving licence points:

Accident offences
These are offences arising after causing accidents. They can be in form of failing to stop after an accident. You get 5-10 points for committing this offence. Failing to report an accident within 24hours. You get 5-10 points for this offence. Unidentified accident lands you 4-9 points. Accident offences codes stay for 4 years on your driver’s record from the time you committed.

Drivers who are disqualified
If you are driving yet you have been disqualified by court order you get 6 points. Also any attempts to drive after you have been given a court order disqualifying you will earn you 6 points. Causing any harm in form of dead or injury while driving yet you are disqualified will earn you 3-11 points. These offences will stay in your records for 4 years from the date of commitment.

Driving carelessly
Driving without due diligence and attention on the road will earn you 3-9 points. Failing to consider other road users also gets you 3-9 points. These offences will stay on your records for 11 years from the time of conviction. Causing dead while driving carelessly because you are either on drugs or alcohol will earn you 3-9 points. Your points will stay in records for 4 years after conviction.

Some other offences that accumulate your points are:

  • Driving recklessly. You can get 3-12 points for this offence
  • Using defective cars will also earn you 3-12 points
  • Drink driving can earn you 3-12 points depending on levels
  • Driving under the influence of drugs will also earn you 3-12 points, again depending on levels

These are some of the reasons why a motoring offence lawyer comes in handy. They are specialised lawyers who gets you back to the road. It is always advisable to contact them for advice whenever you are facing any of the above offence.

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