Groups make recommendations on upcoming Domestic Abuse Bill

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Recommendations for the forthcoming Domestic Abuse Bill are being made by certain groups. The Home Affairs Committee for instance, in a report, recommended a new stalker register, national refuge funding as well as an end to single Universal Credit payments to be part of the Government’s new bill. There is also urging by the group to the government to widen the bill into a Violence against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse Bill. The strategy, joined up, should guide education programmes, service provision, funding and criminal justice

Victims do seek legal advice from family law experts yet according to the report, there are persistent problems with lack of refuge or advice support for these. Residents in the North West have at their reach family law Manchester practitioners whom they seek legal guidance from. Nevertheless, these problems persist across the UK according to groups making recommendations. The police and court responses reportedly are found to be weak and adequate action to prevent all kinds of abuse lacks.

This influences the need for a stronger action on domestic abuse, considering it is one of the most common and dangerous crime family law Manchester experts and practitioners across England and Wales deal with. As per the recommendations, besides covering Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women and Girls, the groups want the Bill to cover all domestic abuse victims yet must reflect the gender inequality underlying domestic abuse.

The groups also proposed an introduction of paid domestic leave for victims of abuse. This could aid in ensuring the victims maintain an economic independence and keep jobs while escaping abuse. This should be given a thought considering the recently introduced domestic leave in New Zealand to understand its impact and predicts its effect in the UK. Since the groups believe stalking have devastating effects on victims, a national register of serial stalkers and violence perpetrators should be introduced since the current criminal justice responses do little to deter perpetrators. Similar to registered sex offenders, the stalkers should be managed through multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA).

Another recommendation is clearly a concern for most family law specialists across England and Wales. The focus on children is a recommendation that family law Manchester experts should give a great deal of thought. The groups proposed a recognition of children affected by domestic abuse. Do children or with other issues related to the violence should be considered and this put in legislation and develop strategies to ensure enough support and protection. Protected status on waiting lists for NHS services and other measures were recommended by the committee.

Mental health services as well as legal obligations on local authorities to get the children of an affected family a new school make part of the recommendations. As per the report stating the recommendations, since there are some cases where victims’ report is not taken seriously (although this is improving), there is need to enhance the process of pursuing justice. Committees were concerned about the catastrophic effects of the victims. They talk of immigration status which bars those affected from seeking justice. Other victims are afraid of reporting offenders to the police.

Concerning the courts, the committee proposed that the new Commissioner as a priority evaluate the effect of the interaction between family courts on children. This should also extend to children’s services, CAFCASS as well as the police. With no delay, the Government also must make a provision in the draft bill to prohibit the cross-examination by a domestic abuse perpetrator of a victim in a family courtroom. More recommendations by groups were to have the Universal Credit split for all couples in the UK and programmes to be put in place to ensure domestic violence victims have a place to go.

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